Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lamo Labels?...Not so much...

Now that I know what they are used for! To tell the background. Sarah made these labels with our logo and contact information on them. They are very nice stickers. They showed up on our packing table out of no where again this week. So I decided to use them. I was using them for the wrong purpose I guess.

I was packing up an order on Monday night after our weekly meeting. I saw that Sarah had put one of the labels on the OUTSIDE of the box. Here is the conversation after I saw that sticker: (not ver batem though)

Jenn: Why is that label on the outside of the box?

Sarah: It's called free advertising. Think of how many people handle that box between when we ship it and when it arrives to our customer. Why what were you using them for? (said with a smirk on her face)

Jenn: When we ran out of tape to seal the bags of paper, I thought you put them out to be used for that. I was using them to put on the plastic bags. But then when I went to put the bags into the box, the sticker would get caught on the packaging material. It would peel up and I was getting kind of frustrated with it.

Sarah: He He! (as she claps her hands, laughing at Jenn)

Jenn: Yeah, I was thinking 'these labels are kind of strange, but hey she has them out for a reason. They keep showing up randomly on the table.'

Sarah: This whole conversation right here should be on the blog.

So there you have it! Another learning opportunity for your's truly! ME!!!



BonnieRose said...

you guys are hilarious! HEHE... Jenn, glad Sarah showed you the light.. LOL way too funny, thks for the smiles you guys, and thks for my order, just got it today.. wohooo!

MNScrapbookmom said...

lol...thats so funny. When I got my last package, I thought WOW.. nice BIG sticker on that there plastic bag. I peeled it off carefully, its now on my Scrapboard in my office !!! :) Hey... thats my contribution... :)¥