Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some inspiration...

So as most of you know Jenn and I went to Birch Park last weekend. We had a great time. We also somewhere amongst the laugher also did some scrapbooking.

Here are some of the pages I did...
This one was out of my "regular" scrapbooking style. It is using Fancy Pants, Clair de Lune paper and die cuts. Misc. red buttons. You can't see that I hand glittered the design with a sparkle pen. One of my faves - even though it was a design stretch for me.

This page is using the Sassafrass Lass Day Dream and Scrumptious lines. Not to mention the new vinyal Thickers by American Crafts.

This page is again using the Thickers by American Crafts (the green "step" and the orange "way"), along with 7 Gypsies stamps - travel stamps.

I've attached some other pages with product we don't carry - yes I actually own products that do not come from our store. Jenn and I need to buy for the masses, not just the stuff that we love - so every now and then I will wander into my LSS and pick up a few things. Here are a couple of other pages.
I feel like I've caught the scrapbook bug again. I went so long without creating anything, so keep an eye out for two mini books and I am working on finishing. :-)

Friday, January 25, 2008

New Products added...

We have our newest products added to the site now! I am lovin' everything. The office sheers are so fun to journal on. And thickers are my new favorite thing to use on my pages. Come check out the new stuff here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I second that!

I second the post below. Thank you to all of you! It was a wonderful time full of laughs and the company of such great ladies! It's so hard to explain to others what the weekend is about. "4 days of scrapbooking?!" I get that a lot. There is nothing like it to me. I enjoy it every single time. THANK YOU!

Sarah, thanks for hosting with me! Until next year...


Monday, January 21, 2008

I've never laughed so hard...

We had a great weekend. It went by so fast. Jenn and I hosted a scrapbook retreat this past weekend at Birch Park, in WI. We had a great time and our friend Alli came from New Mexico. Talk about a long trip to scrapbook. It was so nice to see her. :-)

I officially have a scrapbook hangover - if there is such a thing. Having not gone to bed any earlier than 4AM on any given night - I was very tired this morning when I got up to go to work. Ever felt like your muscles are made of jello and your brain is made of oatmeal - that's how I felt when I woke up. Let's just say I wasn't functioning at peak performance at the ole' job today.

Anyway - I think I laughed more this last weekend than I can remember. My cheeks actually feel a bit sore from smiling.

I would like to shout-out to all that came - It wouldn't have been as fun without you. To Suzy, Kim, Amber, Shari, Yvonne, Jenn, Linda, Nicole, Karin, Alli, Deanna, Leslie, Heidi, Marni, Karen, Paige, Mary Jo, and Kelly you made my weekend. Thanks for all the laughter and fun.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

counting the days...

It seems like it's been forever since I did some scrapbooking. Actually it has been awhile. Sarah and I are going on a retreat next Thursday. We are going to see some of our fellow scrappers and friends. I am SO looking forward to it. Get some "therapy" time. That's one thing scrapbooking is to me, therapy. It is time for me to reflect. Expend my energy doing something important. Something for myself and for my children. It's also therapy because it usually involves lots of socializing and LAUGHING! I can't wait!

We had a "meeting" tonight. Well it was suppose to be a meeting, but it ended up being a wonderful dinner with my friend, sister, business partner. Just a good talk. It was nice. Thank you Sarah!

We realized that we are getting older and there's nothing we can do about it! :) Except deal with it and try to make each year happy.

Seriously though...We have goals for the business and we hope we can achieve them this year. Lots of questions looming and our plan is to come together again in a couple weeks and discuss our plan for 2008.

I will share projects I work on at our retreat. We have some new items for the store too. I just have to get them entered. Will share when they are up on the site.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

New things...

So I've had some extra time on my hands. Of course I haven't done anything productive. Caught up on TV, and surfed the internet. Still left to do: take down the tree, start getting ready for birch park, balance the checkbook, grocery shop, do laundery, clean the bed room, vaccumm the stairs and much, much more.

In my catching up with my internet surfing I've seen lot's of new year's challenges. I think so many of them are fun, but I need to pick the one that is most doable for me. I think I've found the one for me. The one word challenge (from Ali E's blog) My word is going to be flexible.

flex·i·ble /ˈflɛksəbəl/ [flek-suh-buhl]
1. capable of being bent, usually without breaking; easily bent: a flexible ruler.
2. susceptible of modification or adaptation; adaptable: a flexible schedule.
3. willing or disposed to yield; pliable: a flexible personality. –noun
4. a flexible substance or material, as rubber or leather.

This is something that I am going to focus on at work. I've never been good with change, but hopefully with a little work I can embrace it a little easier.

I also want to be more flexible with my husband. I think this will be the hardest. I'm a hard women to live with and realize that I am pretty demanding. Hopefully in the next year I can work in this. :-)

Is anyone participating in this challenge? What are your words?

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

GREAT in 2008!

I was asked by a friend on New Year's Eve, what was one good thing that happend to me in 2007. Nothing came to mind right away. My life is happy in general with my husband, my boys, my friends, etc. There isn't one specific "event" I could think of that made 2007 stand out to me. Sad, isn't it? How one year can pass me by and I can't remember one thing that made it memorable.

Now this morning, while folding towels at the washing machine and looking around at my basement that desperately needs a cleaning, I had this thought come to me. An idea. "Make it Great in 2008!" So my resolution this year is to make it great. Try my best to make my life better. Change in ways I want to change, but also be happy with what I have. Try harder at this business. Take more photos. Scrapbook more. Laugh more. Live more. Just do more great things. That's all.

Random thought for today. Maybe I will turn this thought into a mini book of some sort as the year goes on. Who knows!


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!

Wishing all of you a year full of creativity and lot's of scrapbooking. My goal - finish a fraction of projects started :-) Think I can do it? I certainly hope so. I'm a back cover and binding a way from another finished project.

Do you have any scrapbooking goals for 08?

Wishing you happiness and lot's of laughs in the new year.

~Jenn and Sarah