Sunday, December 31, 2006

Christmas Celebrations have ended... until next year!

Saturday night we had my family's Christmas celebration. It was at my sister's house. There were 20 people there and it was a good time. As always... I enjoy spending time with my family. My uncle and aunt come in from Wisconsin too. It's nice to see everyone together during the holidays. The boys got more toys to play with. Transformers were the thing this year. Kind of funny, huh? I remember when Transformers were popular when I was a child. It's amazing how things come back on to the scene.

I hope everyone's christmas was wonderful! I can't believe it's over already...there will be more next year.

Crazy, but it's raining here. The end of January and it's 40 degrees during the day! Minnesota for ya'...

Have a safe night and Happy New Year!

P.S. I just noticed, after I added the pictures to the blog, that it looks like Tyler has a really big arm! How funny. It's actually my husband's arm... I left the picture because I just love it!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Lovin' this music...

I am so lovin' this album by Chris Daughtry. Remember him...from American Idol. I was so bummed when he had to go from Idol, but I knew there would be an album in his future. The album is awesome. I listened to the whole thing once all the way through. I usually can't do that with new CDs because I don't have the patience to listen to songs I don't know. Well this one is a good one, the entire thing. Someday when I actually have an office, I will have a radio too. I will be playing this one for sure while I scrap. The eye candy isn't too bad either. Love you, hubby...

Thank you to Sarah and Todd for getting this CD for me for Christmas. I almost bought it ahead of time but I held out because I knew I asked for it from them! Thank you...

Have safe and happy New Year celebrations this weekend!


Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The perfect day...

I just want to let you know that I think my Christmas day was almost perfect. To me it felt almost story book.

First - The Weierke's came over and we had brunch. We ate like kings, we had eggs, english muffins, sausage, bacon, waffles, along with tons of snacks.

We then opened gifts. It was so nice to see Matt and Ty open their presents - thanks Jen for sharing your kids with me.

The only drawback to Christmas, was that Jen had to work :-( She left our house a little after 2 - the boys settled down and played with their toys and we watched a few tv shows.

Believe it or not Ty, Joe and I took a short Christmas nap. I woke up to hearing Todd say to Matt - I think they are all sleeping - what should we do? So - they started playing X-box - it was perfect.

Both of these boys starting playing X-box - it was so cute. See the pics below. Joe and Ty continued to sleep and Matt showed me all the new tricks that he could do on his new skateboarding game. Can you believe that this 4 year old totally could kick butt at skateboarding?

To make it even better - Todd and I actually got the house decorated and cleaned for Christmas Eve - we even have pictures of us in front of the tree.

I hope you and your family had as good of a Christmas as I did! Wishing you and your family a great New Year!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

a GREAT quote...

This quote is SO perfect for the holiday season. Rember it while eating all you can eat during your gatherings with friends and families....

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways,chocolate in one hand, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming"WOO HOO what a ride!"

Happy Holidays to EVERYONE!

your Scraploft team,

Jenny and Sarah

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I just need more time...

I need more time in every day. I can't get all I want to get done in a day...done in a day! Hmmm...if only there were 27 hours in a day. That would be a little bit of help to me. I did some christmas shopping today. For some reason I'm finding it hard to shop for people this year. I shopped for 6 hours and only officially finished one person. I bought more gifts for my boys, of course, but other than that I checked one other person off the buying list.

So, only two more days for us to finish up our shopping. Unfortunately, I have to work on Thursday and Friday. I was suppose to work the entire Christmas weekend, but I got the 23rd and 24th off. Anyway...I will be spending the next two days finishing up the shopping. A family trip down to Medford for the outlet mall is in store tomorrow evening. Then wrap, wrap, wrap away on Wednesday. Sarah and I will talk shop while I'm wrapping presents. We've been on a hiatus from meetings. Busy last couple of weeks.

Speaking of working Christmas. I do have to work Christmas day, but hey, it's triple pay! I will make over $700 for one day. More mula for scrapbook shopping after Christmas time! yes...
We will do Santa gifts and brunch with Sarah and Todd before I have to head off to work.

Enjoy your week! Take it easy if you are able to. Before the bustle of Christmas weekend is upon us...

Happy Holidays,

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Time to Party

Okay - so I went and saw Bonnie's beautiful scrap mecca last night. Oh my gosh, this room is beautiful! Seriously - this room isn't your run of the mill GREAT scrap room - it's a sanctuary for anyone who loves to be inspired.

Oh and the ambience of the whole house - it was warm and cozy and I had a great time laughing and crying (from laughing so hard) with the girls.

[Nicole - not sure why I didn't get a pic of you, but superimpose your pic right next to Bonnie]

Some of these girls I only see a few times a year. Note to self - hang out with these two more frequently - always good for a fun time.

And finally the loot!! Holy Cow!! I won the grand prize! Since I don't usually win jack - this was such a pleasant surprise. I ripped this basket open as soon as I got home - it was full of such great goodies. See pics below. (And this is just SOME of the stuff)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

a fun weekend...

I had a pretty fantastic time this weekend. Friday, Sarah and I went scrapbooking. I worked on some layouts for a planner. I got 5 layouts done! Yes, they were small-6x8, but still 5 layouts! I was happy...

Saturday I slept in...needed that desperately. Last week was a tough, long one. The boys were driving me crazy. It didn't help that I only got 4-5 hours of sleep for three days! Anyways...finally broke down crying with my friend Janel stuck on the phone. Thanks Janel for listening to my sap! So I needed some sleep. Finally crawled out of bed at noon on Saturday. Did some shopping because I realized I didn't have a gift for my Tyler's party!

Tyler will be three on the 16th. Look at this baby picture of sweet. It seems like yesterday I was behind the camera trying to get that smile! We had his birthday party Sunday because next weekend is work weekend for me. We had our families over to celebrate. Boy...does my house seem small when there is that many bodies around. Matthew wanted to "help" open presents. Let's just say present opening was done in 5 minutes! Between Tyler, Matthew, and cousin Steven, there was no time for monkey business. The pictures I did manage to get will be fun to scrap. Less photos to narrow down that way.

Just thought I would blog a bit since we haven't for awhile. We've been taking it easy the last couple of weeks. We have a lot going on with other parts of our lives, so we decided to hang low for a while. Refresh with the new year. Scraploft is still up and running, don't worry! But the weekly meetings were put on hold. More time for family that way...which is great.


Thursday, December 07, 2006's cold outside!

Hello to all the people in warm weather out there! I wish I was with you right now! Yes, it is officially freakin' cold here! Currently 1 degree with a windchill of -10! Perfect weather for doing a little scrapbooking. Which, hmmm, Sarah and I will be doing tomorrow! I'm SO excited.

Before our lives got even busier with Scraploft's launch, we would try and scrap once a month. My main concern with starting a business in the industry is that I would stop scrapbooking. What you say?...yes STOP scrapping! I think since we went live (not counting the long retreat weekend in August...which rocked!) I have scrapped maybe 3 times. Sad, but true. That means 3 pages because I don't ever get more than one page done when I scrap with others. I like to talk, what can I say! So last meeting Sarah and I decided that we are going to try and get back into scrapbooking once a month. I'm pumped for that. I need to use all of this paper we keep getting into our office!

So, bundle up and get together this weekend with your scrapping posse. Talk, laugh, scrap, talk some more, laugh some more, and hey maybe scrap again!

Stay warm all you people in the chilly weather! Wear your hats and gloves. Yes, I even bought a hat this year! I haven't warn a hat for years! Starting to not care about the hair as much I guess. If you are in warm thankful and send a little our way.


P.S. I am just sick over the tragedy in Oregon. I can only imagine what that man went through in the cold weather. My prayers and blessings go out to those families who knew Mr. Kim.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

ugh...I hate pictures!

I hate pictures of myself lately! I will chalk the picture from a previous post up to the fact it was taken after a long day of walking and shopping! I wasn't paying attention when she took the phto either! I will catch Sarah in action one of these days. It's kind of hard when I don't bring my camera along to meeting I guess, huh? LOL! Good times, good times. But the pictures do show what we do for this business of ours. That was a good shipping day!


Fancy Pants pictures!

Here are some pictures of the new Fancy Pants' collections-Clair de Lune and Mulberry Road. Enjoy!


Monday, December 04, 2006

A day (or night) in the life of Scraploft

So here's some pictures of what it's like to work at Scraploft - yes I know it isn't glamorous - but it's our life and we like it.

This is Jenn processing our orders. Look at how hard she is working :-) And this is what it looks like when we're packing items up. Oh - how I love the stack of boxes waiting to go to the post office.

Just a little insight on our lives on a Monday night.

Be sure to checkout the new Fancy Pants - so very cute!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fancy Pants is here!

The beautiful Fancy Pants Designs' collections, Claire de Lune and Mulberry Road,have arrived at Scraploft! I am so excited for these new arrials! We have the ribbon, flowers, rubons, and die cuts to match both collections as well! The Mulberry Road would be perfect for some Valentine's layouts or even cards. The Claire de Lune is another paper that we have to be used for the holidays. These papers are rich with color. I am going to do a page about my new hair color with the Claire de Lune. Stay tuned for that layout! Come check out the new papers at our site!


P.S. The picture link isn't working right now for blogger, so I will have to add pictures later. Meanwhile you can see the pictures of the collections live on!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Framin' with Fruitcake

I created a couple of frames with the new Fruitcake and Dasher collections from Basic Grey. The frames are just basic wood frames from Michael's. I used Mod Podge to attach the papers to the frames. Embellish with holiday goodies and wala...a beautiful frame for that great holiday picture. Soon specific instructions for the larger frame will be available on our site!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Basic Grey is FINALLY here!

Basic Grey is finally here. I realize we are probably the last to get it -
but if you haven't bought it yet - now is the time. It is gorgeous.

is sophisticated, where Fruitcake is more playful. Blush litterally took me breath away. The pinks are warm and wonderful.
Be sure to check it out!

Thank you...

Thank you to all who ordered from us over "turkey weekend"! We hope you enjoy all of your wonderful goodies and come back to see Scraploft again soon. Also, a special thanks to Bonnie for mentioning our sale on her blog. I do believe we had a few people who came to see us because of you, Bonnie! So...THANK YOU!

Keep scrappin'...make those special gifts for the Holiday season!


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Story time...

I was looking through pictures of Matthew and Tyler together when Tyler was a baby. I had a specific reason I needed both of them together so I wanted a special one. This was it. It's hard to believe this was taken almost 3 years ago! I chose this one because of the way Matthew is looking at Tyler. The way he is holding his tiny fingers. It conveys to me exactly what I wrote about in the journaling. Safe. Matthew will always protect his brother. He does it every day. That is what a big brother is for, right? I had tears in my eyes when I ran across this photo our time flies.

I used papers and chipboard pieces from Cosmo Cricket's Storytime collection. I love the colors in this collection. So bright and perfect for childhood photos. Enjoy!

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Christmas Season is here...

Okay - so it's only the Friday after thanksgiving - but Jenny and I are shopping the day away today. We are meeting at 4:45AM and doing the traditional Kohl's run. We will probably spend the most time here, but we will also hit Burnsville Mall, Target, KidsRUs. I mainly purchase for the kids on these sprees as I have 4 nieces and nephews to buy for - plus it's always fun to shop with a friend.

To kickoff the season here's a Christmas layout! It's done using the new Scenic Route Paper - fun and easy too.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have plans for a wonderful turkey day! Both Jenny and I have a lot to be thankful for. So - in turn we would like to thank you for being wonderful customers, because without you we wouldn't be able to have a store!

So starting on Thursday November 23rd through Sunday November 26th we are offering 40% off your total order! This is an unprecedented sale - but we want to show how much we appreciate your patronage! Just type "turkeyweekend" into the coupon code box on the View Cart page.

These sales are in addition to our already low prices.
This sale excludes gift certificates and previous purchases

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Turkey Day everyone! I hope everyone will stuff themselves silly today! I know I will...I can't wait. We are heading over to my mom's place. Bringing the veggie dish and relish tray. Easy stuff...thank you, Mom! Safe travels to those who are traveling. Safe cooking to those who are cooking. Everyone...good eats!


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I've been tagged!

I have been challenged to some post goes...

1) My worst habit would be biting my lip. I bite the inside of my mouth when I am nervous or bored. Yes it's weird, but that's why it's my worst habit.

2) My best feature... a hard one. Hmmm. Maybe my silly personality. Though I have been known to be so sarcastic that some people can't tell when I am joking or serious. Maybe I need to grow up...nah!!

3) What I like most about my significant other? Joe is a caring person. I don't give him enough credit most days. I do love this about you, Joe. Thank you....

4) If I could travel anywhere where would I go? I would love to go back to Ireland. I loved it there. The people are the most kind hearted people I have ever met. I want to go back with Joe. That is someday. Maybe more apt to happen is I would love to visit my friend, Pieps, in Idaho. She just got engaged! Congratualations, Pieps! I need to check out the 1 carat ring she got!

5) What do I admire most about a dear friend I have? I have this friend who is not afraid of my goofy ways. Though we don't see each other as much as we used to, we talk often. Our lives have become busy over the last few years with our kids and all, but we still make time to catch up. She continues to be someone I can laugh with. So, please don't let her ever grow up!

Those are my answers.

Keep an eye out for the great deal this weekend....


Blog Challenge!

So I was catching up on my blog reading - and came across Bonnie's blog challenge - this one for some reason was interesting to me... so here we go!

1- Your worst habit?
I have a hard time letting things go. This often is something that I have no control over. It's just my obsessive compulsive side of me coming out.
2- Your best feature:
Hmmm.. what do I like. I really like my nails - but I'm not sure that is a feature. I would say my hair - although not lately. Sometimes I fight it - and sometimes it wins :-)
3- What you like most about your significant other/spouse?
His personality - he is so kind and sweet - sometimes I forget what a gem I've got.
4-If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
I would travel to someplace tropical like Hawaii - I've been to Hawaii and loved every moment. I would love to go back!
5- What do you admire most in a dear friend you have?
I have a dear friend who is always there for me. She's there for me for the good times (finding a new job - buying my house) and the bad times (dealing with difficult people, and being there for me when I hated my job). Unfortunalty I don't see her often - but when we get together it's like no time has passed.

Anyway - these are great questions - and so I now tag Jenny to hear her responses!!

Okay - back to the scrapbook stuff! Be on the lookout for some great deals for this weekend - and when I say GREAT - I mean GREAT - we are going to have a huge blowout sale for Friday through Sunday - so be sure to be signed up for our newsletter. By registering - you won't miss out on any of the great deals we are having! Click here to register.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More new Products!

Buxom from the Peasant collection.
Cotton Throw from the Homemade collection.

Another package arrived at Scraploft today! We have received some BEAUTIFUL paper created by We R Memory Keepers. Don't these papers just make you want to say, Yummy! The Homemade and Peasant collections from Urban Window are now available for sale at I still cannot figure out how to link pictures to the website and such. So pictures will be available later on the blog here. However, the pics are on our site, so come check out the pretty paper!


Monday, November 13, 2006

Scenic Route is here!

I just wanted to let you know that the *new* Rockland - Scenic Route paper is here. Take my word for it - it is better in real life than on the web.

The letter stickers are currently backordered - I'll let you know the ETA on these great stickers as soon as I know.

Be on the lookout for a few other new items this week...(psstt.. I will give you a hint - it's from We R Memorie Keepers - can you guess?)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

weekend for inspiration

This weekend was full of inspiration for me. On Friday Sarah and I went to the MWSA convention in St. Paul, MN. We sported the scraploft t-shirts that Sarah made. Thank you to Bonnie for the pictures! So many scrapbook vendors out there. Some local, some from other states. The convention was smaller than the two previous years I was there. It's hard to say why. Probably cost. It is expensive to have a booth at a convention like that. If all picks up and goes well for us, maybe next year. Speaking of money, it wasn't hard for me to find things to spend money on. I found some great goodies at Rusty Pickle and some great paper at Mementos. Sarah did too... we both admitted that we continue to have paper addiction!

Saturday was the arts and craft fair at Cantebury Park. A day with Sarah, my mom, my sister, and my niece. So many more talented people out there. Lots of jewelry places. Pretty jewels-bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and watches. I found the watch lady that I love to buy from and bought another watch from her. It's kind of funky, but I love it. There was a embroidered and felt picture that I really wanted. Actually the quote is what I loved about it. "I will always be a wild flower." It fits me. I am not one to conform easily. I am my own person. That is me. I didn't end up buying the picture because of the price. But the quote has inspired me to do a "me" page. covered in flowers!
Today my sister hosted a stamping party. We made some cards and a tin. I got to emboss for the first time. Can you believe I have never embossed before? I was too scared. It was fun though. I'll have to try it on some pages of mine soon. It was good to see my grandma again too.
Inspiration is everywhere around you. Whether it me color, design, layout, etc. Take something and remake to be your own. That's what a lot of my scrapbooking is. I use layouts to inspire my work. Be inspired, have fun with your art!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

A few cards

Sorry that it is has been so long since I blogged! Life has been busy. Work has been crazy. Same ole' story. are a couple of cards I made with the Crate Paper that we have at the store. So simple, but still lot's off fun.

This card was made with the Cowgirl Crate Paper and some misc. brown paper. All it is is four hand drawn petals glued together with a circle. Pretty easy!

Here's another Crate Paper card. This one is made with the Twirl Collection.

Lastly - here's a preview of what Jenn and I will be wearing to the Midwest Scrapbook Convention tomorrow! What do you think? Hope to see you there!

One last reminder: SassaFras Lass is 20% on sale starting tomorrow. This is GREAT paper - be sure to check it out!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


ok, so you need to get out in vote if you can. It is part of our freedom to be able to vote for those who serve our city, county, state, and country. So please, vote. Your vote CAN make a difference. A difference in the future of our country as a whole...


Monday, November 06, 2006


Ok. I really wanted to post halloween pictures last week, but it got busy around here again. Matthew was the Incredible Hulk and Tyler was Spider Man. Tyler wore his mask everyday for for two weeks before Halloween. So he was ready. It ended up being a chilly night, so we went down the street next to us and came back up our street. Sarah and I found out that the big hit of the night was not the it was ringing the doorbell! The boys had a couple arguements about who would do that, but they eventually learned to take turns. We came back and had chili with the fixins. The chili warmed me
up after being in the cold!

I can't wait to scrap these pics! They are so fun...


faxing...a simple thing?..apparently not!

ok. so I admit it, my brain is losing a few cells each and every day. Some days a more than other though. As I realized today. So, here's the story...I faxed an order in to Scenic Route Paper Company on October 16th. I then sent a follow up email asking them for estimated shipping date and backorder info if there was any. I didn't receive a reply back so I called. Still didn't hear back, so I emailed again. Finally Sarah called, and THEY DIDN'T EVEN RECEIVE OUR ORDER. Mind you we just found this out last week. Two weeks after the initial fax...

I refaxed the order this morning and went about my day. About 10:30 this morning there was a message on the Scraploft phone from Scenic. They still didn't get our order! ok, I was peeved. I thought there was something wrong with my BRAND NEW fax machine! I called her back and she told me that they would get my fax with my name on it, but the pages were blank. She asked me if I was putting the paper in the right way! Duh, why would I put them in the wrong way? I said I would go home, try again, and call her right away as follow up. Well, I turned the pages the opposite way of what I was doing before, "just in case" (wink here). I called Scenic and the fax arrived! Yes, it was successful! But, I felt a little stupid. Because, yes I had put the papers in the wrong way for the previous two faxes. Duh!!!! So, thank you to Teri at Scenic for setting me straight on the super tech highway!...


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Guess What??

I just got done paying bills and I made my last payment on a student loan. Whoo hoo! I can't believe it. It's about time. One student loan payed - only 15K left to go :-) Do you know how good it feels?

Hope you all had a great weekend. Jen and I went scrapbooking on Friday and saw our friend Bonnie.

It is sooooo very nice to see her. She is always an inspiration to me. She's fun, loving, caring, sweet and has a great eye for color.

So - Bonnie - thanks for everything. I had a great time just hanging out.

Here's one of the pages I did - back to basics. I think it turned out cute. This page was done using the SassaFrass Lass papers. Enjoy!

Be on the lookout for more fun projects!

Monday, October 30, 2006

a weekend to fall back on...

This past weekend was a beautiful one here in Minnesota. Sadly, most likely the last one of the year until Spring comes! :( But we took advantage of the weather on Saturday. We headed down to Emma Crumbee's and picked out pumpkins. Took them home and carved them. It was me, Joe, Matthew, Tyler, Todd, and Sarah who went. We grabbed lunch at Emma's too. It was a fun day. We were all exhausted by the end. The boys are such balls of energy. I wish they could pass some on to me some days. These pictures are some of my favorites from the jaunt. Oh, the pumpkin was my sad attempt at carving "Scraploft" into it. I ended up covering the attempt with stickers! Enjoy, I can't wait to scrap these!

Hey, what's your favorite part of the fall season? let us know...


Thursday, October 26, 2006

I spy a sale on My Mind's Eye...

Hey all! I hope your Friday is treating you right so far. Just a reminder that the wonderful lines of MME are all on sale starting today. Use coupon code "MME" on the view cart page and you will receive 20% off. This is an additional 20% off our already low prices! How can one resist a sale...I couldn't if I were you...

This page was done using the Everyday Tango Sherbert line. I also used Bazzil Blossoms in the colors "Kisses" and Lizard. Come check out all of the beautiful paprs by MME today!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Shhh....two months until Christmas

It's officially two months until christmas! Can you believe it? I can't. Where does time go? This means there are only 60 more shopping days left until Christmas Day! Are you the scrapbooker who reads our blog or do you know someone who is a scrapper and you just happen to be reading our blog? It doesn't matter to us. What matters is that you are here? Reading about our products, our projects, our daily lives. So, come check out our Scraploft website while you are here. We have some pretty new flowers and thickers letter stickers from American Crafts. Cardstock is on sale through Thursday. Stock up for those christmas cards you WILL make this year.

Just wanted to remind you all that Christmas is right around the corner, just TWO MONTHS away! Shop til you drop season is upon us! Make Scraploft one of the stops while you shop!


Monday, October 23, 2006

Do you like a good deal?

If you do this is the right place for you. Scraploft has started a *new* weekly promotion. Because we love sales so much - we figured we should offer our customers some GREAT deals on some of our most popular items.

Through Thursday all Bazzill Cardstock is 20% off. - Use coupon code "Cdstock" when checking out. This is 20% off our already reduced price!

October 27th - November 2nd - My Minds Eye 20% off (Use Coupon Code "MME")
November 3rd - November 9th - All Scenic Route 20% off (Use Coupon Code "Scroute")
November 10th - November 16th - All Sassafrass Lass 20% off (Use Coupon Code "SassaFrass")

Hope you enjoy the sale!
~Sarah and Jen

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday Project

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you've enjoyed the weekend. I finally had a chance to get in my "studio" and do a project. I say that because right now it's more of a junk room than anything else. It seems like I can't keep it clean - although I suppose a well used creative space is never clean right?

Anyway - here's an altered frame (thanks for the idea Jen!) that I created for a friend of mine. She is in the process of adopting a little girl from Ethiopia! She's received her first pictures - so I thought it would be nice to have a frame to go along with it.
For some reason I have a real connection with this women. As most of you know I was adopted from Korea. She has been honest and open about the whole process the whole time. She has shared her joys and sorrows about the whole adoption process. I am so honored to be involved in such a special part of her life.

Materials Used: Cosmo Cricket: Storytime: Pixie Dust. American Crafts ribbon, and Prima flowers.


Thursday, October 19, 2006

Ordering away...

Hey all! It's been awhile since I posted. Sorry. My family's week has been a tough, emotional one, but I think things are better now. Our youngest boy suffered another asthma attack and was hospitalized overnight at the Children's hospital here in Minneapolis. It was hard to watch him going through what he did those two days. Trouble breathing and those pokes for blood...Yuck! He just wanted to play, like a 2 1/2 year old should! I cried along with him though. It was tough, but hopefully that is behind us for awhile now. He was finally put on some medications to control his asthma. I think those will be his saving grace through this winter season. The last few days reminded me to be thankful though. Thankful for my little man, Tyler. He is a trooper! To be thankful for all that I do have. Matthew, Tyler, Joe, all of my other family and friends...blessings to all whom I know...This is what we have to remember....

So, back to product ordering! I worked on ordering Basic Grey-Dasher, Fruitcake, and Blush. Also Scenic Route-Rockland. Beautiful stuff....stay tuned for updates on the products coming in!
We also added some adhesive and other basics to our store! And of course, the new american crafts greenhouse flowers. So, so cute!!! I can't wait to see them. I haven't even seen them yet...
Enjoy looking at the new stuff as it comes in...stay tuned...


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Psstt.. Big Sales Ahead

So - today is the official start of our new *Sales* program. Since both Jenny and I are HUGE sales shoppers, we figured we should offer some great programs to our favorite customers.

Starting this friday all Bazzill Cardstock is 20% off. Bazzill is awesome cardstock and with all the holiday cards you need to make, now is a good time to stock up.

I have another secret.... It's not just the single sheets that are one sale, but it also includes the packs.

If you haven't signed up for our newsletter now is the time - we'll be sending out the weekly sales in an e-mail to our customers tomorrow!

Monday, October 16, 2006


Well - the lack of technology has caused me to scrap - and I'm loving it. Todd (my DH) built me a new computer. My old one was getting sick and by sick I mean only half working. So - I decided it was time to invest in the a new computer - so that's what I got. Todd was finishing up the computer in his office and I decided to seize the moment and scrapbook.

I've wanted to redo a page for a while - can't tell ya why - I just didn't like it. So I picked out my papers and started to create. What do you think?

The page was made from Crate paper cowboy paper. I think it turned out great. The page is my DH and nephew Tyler at the family cabin. The quote says "Families are the most beautiful things in the world" Thought it was fitting by how cute the two look.

Better run!

Have a good day!

American Crafts

All the product is entered and ready for sale. Sorry it took so long to get all the product out to the site. It won't always take that long.

Be sure to check back often as we are getting ready for some big sales!

Hope you all had a rockstar weekend!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Guess what?

Guess what came today? Here's a sneak peek. They should be up on the website soon!

We also received these... and they are so very cute. We have them in small, medium and large in plastic, paper and felt.

I can't wait to use all these cute little embellishments. Be sure to check back often as we are getting a few other odds and ends :-)

Pssst.. Remember cold snowy weather = great time to scrapbook!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Too early for Christmas wishes?...

Not according to us ladies at Scraploft! We have made the big decision on which papers to get in time for the holiday season...(drum roll here) Basic Grey-Dasher, Fruitcake, and Blush. And Scenic Route Rockland. Stay tuned for pictures and further info. I am SO excited for these papers. Excited to see the pretty paper and excited to see what I can do with them! I am on this altering frenzy. Everything I look at I seem to think, "How could I alter that?" It's a new thing for me.

At our meeting today I learned how to enter product into our inventory! I am so pumped for this. I know it sounds lame to be pumped about inventory, but hey I am not a savvy computer user. Anything new I can learn with a computer is awesome to me. The little things I guess. It was a good productive evening for us. We got some decisions made and a lot of stuff done. Big to do list for next week though! It's alright. Keeps us the mode for our success.

We'll keep you all posted on the arrival of our beautiful paper from Basic Grey and Scenic Route!


Monday, October 09, 2006

it's coming...

The beautiful weather this past weekend is behind us here in Minnesota. How sad that it was probably the last warm weather until April or May next year. It is suppose to be in the 30s by Thursday here! How crazy is that? 80 degrees on Saturday and 5 days later in the 30s with snow! It's not crazy I's Minnesota. Minnesota, where I have lived for 29 years. Despite the weather I wouldn't change where I live.

The cold weather means I don't feel so guilty about staying inside and working on my scrapping projects. I have tons of projects running through my mind. Each day is filled with a new inspiration for a project to work on. My ultimate goal for this winter, and I know it's a couple of months away, is to actually scrap my christmas pictures this year! I have not scrapped, and don't yell at me, my christmas pictures for 3 years! I take too many and I have trouble narrowing down. It goes back to the "event" scrapping that I have moved away from. I wrote about this in a previous post. Sarah mentioned in the post before this, we are working getting some holiday paper added to Scraploft. We are so excited for this. But it will be a challenge to decide which lines to get.

Paper...pretty paper...this is one of the reasons I am goal oriented to get those photos from christmas scrapped. The main reason is that I need to capture moments when my children are little. Christmas time is a busy time in our family. We usually have FIVE different celebrations to attend every year. With so many photo ops, you think I could do ONE layout, right? We'll see. Keep the thoughts comin' in on which line of paper you like best.


Sunday, October 08, 2006

Fall and uh... Christmas

Hello All -

I hope you all had a great weekend. I had a great weekend - a bit tired, but a great weekend none the less.

The Niemi's and Weierke's went off to Redwing on Saturday to take in all of the wonderful fall colors. It was beautiful. Took a ton a pictures. Had a great time. I actually keep an Autumn scrapbook. I think it is my fave season - so we tend to do lot's of stuff from the Apple Orchard to the Pumpkin Patch we do it all. Below are a couple of my fave pics from the weekend.

Okay - now onto the tough decisions in life. Jen and I are looking into getting some christmas lines for the store. We are looking into a few different ones. Here is our list - would love to see what you think.
  • Crate Paper
  • Basic Grey
  • Cosmo Cricket
  • Flair Designs
  • Doodlebug

and a few others. We just can't decide - we want them all. So - if you were in our shoes - which 2 would you pick? We would love to hear what you have to say!
Happy Scrapping!

Friday, October 06, 2006

The weekend ahead

It's Friday! Happy Friday everyone. I hope you are looking forward to the weekend as much as I am. It has been busy and for those of you that know me (I am a project manager at a local market research company) - know that work has been busy. It's the fall - it's let's conduct research time.

Anyway - I digress. This weekend is going to be a good one. Tonight I have to clean - ewww, but it's worth it for the fun part. Tomorrow we are going to redwing with the "boys" (Matt and Ty) and are going to check out the brilliant leaves and then they get to stay the night with uncle Todd and auntie Sarah. Oh how I look forward to this. I feel like I haven't spent "quality" time with them in so long. It's going to be fun. Then Sunday - it's either football or baseball (I prefer the Twins - please, please win the next two games!) Can you ask for a better (non-scrapping) weekend?

To decompress after work - I've finally started back in on my office. After going to Raspberry Ridge in August I haven't "unpacked" any of my scrapbook stuff. It's just been in the living room - where I will rummage through until I find what I am looking for.

I've put the paper away along with the majority of stickers. I would love to hear about how you store all your paper and stickers. Is it similar to mine? My biggest battle is with clutter. Any suggestions on how to help me with that?

Pstt... These two areas are the only clean areas in the room :-) Hopefully soon that will not be the case!

Anyway - have a great weekend!