Monday, March 30, 2009

I will miss them...

Back to work today. I work the evening shift. 3:00-11:30pm. I only work part time, but this time around I'm sad to go back. After having my boys I was geared to get back. Be with adults again. I think this is a sign. A sign for change on the work front. We'll see. But until then I will enjoy every single moment I am able to be home with these 3 little munchkins.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Remembering these days

My scrapping stuff is all over the place. In the garage, downstairs, under the stairs, upstairs. You get the picture. Unfortunately this means all of my creativity has to remain in my head for now. Sophia is almost 3 months and I have done one page of her. One page. I don't want to forget any of her "moments" before I get to put them down on paper. It makes me sad that she is growing so fast. She is probably our last child and it's bittersweet for me right now. I want to remember everything!

Ali Edwards did a post today about her little baby and what she loves about her personality. I am going to jot down a few of the little things that Sophia does. The things that make her, well HER.

*the little squeaking noises you make while you are sleeping*
the way you lay with your hands above your head while sleeping-just like Matt did
your smiles
*the joy that comes across your face when you see your daddy or your melts me.*
your girly clothes
your little birthmark on your head
*the way your pinky toes stick out when you fan out your toes*
your wild hair after a bath
baby smell after a bath
soft baby skin
*such contentment when you are held*
you still love to be swaddled
the noises you make when you have your dee-dee (our name for the pacifier here)
*your unconditional love for us at this point and ours for you always*

Then I will be able to journal about them when all of my stuff is one little room. Eventually...


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two things I am tired of-Sickness and Snow

We are suppose to be getting some rain/snow around here yet AGAIN. We were lucky that it missed our area on Sunday, but maybe not so lucky today. I am so ready for Spring and then Summer for several reasons. I hate driving in the snow. I love me some warm weather. Fresh air would be nice right about now for our family. And #1 reason for warm weather-Sandals and the beach!

Sickness has been trapped in our house for over a month now. First I had a stomach bug for a couple of days. Then Matthew (our oldest) had if for one day. No one else got that. Then a week later I got a really bad cold. Then Tyler (our middle child) had croup and ended up with a cold after that. Yesterday I took Sophia in for her 2 month well child visit and low and behold she had an ear infection! And last but not least, Matthew has been home from school for the past 2 days with a fever and cough. I also still have my cold mind you. So yes, fresh air would be very good for our family!