Sunday, April 27, 2008

Challenge Post #4

The Just for Me prompt for week #4 is
Self Perception

How do you perceive yourself? Sarah and I each took a different approach with this prompt. I had a difficult time coming up with one word to describe myself. Therefore I used a list of words. Sarah chose one word and created her layout based on it. We love how they both turned out!

Have fun with this one...
~Jenn and Sarah


BonnieRose said...

I love both of your layouts! So great,
Jenn, I love your layout, why? Cuz it's so my style... love the flowers and the words you used to describe yourself.. love it! Sarah, Love your layout too.. and yes, you are lucky.. there are always ppl worse off than ourselves, that is so true. A great piece of wisdom on your page, thks to you both for sharing your most awesome pages!

MNScrapbookmom said...

I really like the style that you both used here. Sometimes I think that I put too much stuff on my layouts... Love the photos and neatness of both pages. ¥