Monday, October 13, 2008

Family coming home

My little sis and her family are coming home on Tuesday! They are moving back here from Arizona. They left for Arizona in March 2007, have had some changes in their lives, and have come to realize home is where they need to be for now. So they are headed back to Minnesota tomorrow! They are all flying in, so I pray for good travels. With three kids in tow, traveling can be interesting. We are having a welcome home get together with them on Wednesday. The best part...(besides having them close to us again) is getting to meet my new niece, Izabella. A new baby adds more joy to an already happy life! :)

I will post pictures of the welcome home party later this week!


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Anonymous said...

Enjoy... family is important !!!

I am only posting on now...

Take Care, and keep in touch.