Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two things I am tired of-Sickness and Snow

We are suppose to be getting some rain/snow around here yet AGAIN. We were lucky that it missed our area on Sunday, but maybe not so lucky today. I am so ready for Spring and then Summer for several reasons. I hate driving in the snow. I love me some warm weather. Fresh air would be nice right about now for our family. And #1 reason for warm weather-Sandals and the beach!

Sickness has been trapped in our house for over a month now. First I had a stomach bug for a couple of days. Then Matthew (our oldest) had if for one day. No one else got that. Then a week later I got a really bad cold. Then Tyler (our middle child) had croup and ended up with a cold after that. Yesterday I took Sophia in for her 2 month well child visit and low and behold she had an ear infection! And last but not least, Matthew has been home from school for the past 2 days with a fever and cough. I also still have my cold mind you. So yes, fresh air would be very good for our family!


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