Monday, June 11, 2007

More Crush...

This is a little mini-album made out of the Imagination Project - Steno Book. It is all about 1 day. A day in the life sort of thing. I used the new Crate Paper - Crush Collection. This was a really fun little project. Check out some of the pictures below:

CoverIntro and first page (Interview)
Mr. Jack and the Vet

And.. drum roll please.... the best thing about this day or rather the next day - I was offered the job that I interviewed the previous day. Yup you heard right - I FINALLY found a new job. I will be starting next Wednesday the 20th.

What makes the book fun - was I will always know what I was feeling, etc, on the day that I interviewed for the job. I guess I just think this day was truly the perfect day for a book like this. It is a snapshot into my life on that exact day.

So - one last question... If you could order any scrapbook product right now - what would you order?

Just curious :-)


BonnieRose said...

big congrats ON THE NEW JOB, Sarah! Good for you! Can't wait to hear more! What sb product wud I order right now? Mmmms let's see.... well I'm already ordering some acrylic transparent albums, if any of u out there are interested, besides those - I think I need more thickers... from american crafts.. can never have too many of those!

BonnieRose said...

And let me just say... love the colors of your album.. LOVE IT .. it's so warm and fuzzy... so great - love the whole idea!

beth j said...

congrats sarah! that's awesome.

i would order hambly (transparencies and rub-ons). for sure!