Thursday, February 22, 2007 they come...

Today is the day my baby sister and her family are leaving to make big changes in their lives. They are heading southwest to eventually live in Arizona. Andy, my brother-in law is going to go to school down there. I'm proud of him. That's for sure. But my heart is sad right now too. I have seen my sister through a lot of things in her life. The ups and the downs. She has become a wonderful mother and a loving, supportive wife. I admire her for doing something I would never, EVER, be able to do. Move away. Plain and simple. I chose a college that was within driving distance. I don't live more than an hour away from any of our family memebers. Actually my brother lives up the highway a few miles. How funny.

I didin't get to see my sister much, maybe twice a month or so. But hey, she was within that hour away if I did want to see her. Now she will be thousands of miles away. I'm having more trouble with this than I ever thought. 2:30 this morning after doing some work on the computer, I finally got up the courage to read the letter that Missy wrote to me. The tears came flowing again. I cried myself to sleep. I think I am having the most trouble with not being able to see my niece and nephew. They will change so much. Grow so big. We are planning to go visit around Christmas time this year. I hope this will happen. I can't imagine not seeing them for any longer than that. I will miss birthdays. Parties that our boys have had weeks apart for 4 years. I know that school is only for 2 years at most, but I have this feeling they will stay down there longer.

I don't want Missy to feel guilty or me to sound like I am selfish. I am just going to miss them. Miss them terribly. I love you guys! Hugs and Kisses from our family to yours....


Just a personal thought today.

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