Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Sunday blues...

**Warning, Warning - complete ramblings below**

I've got a case of the Sunday blues. The weekend is over already :-( I had intended to actually do some scrapbooking today and alas it is already 10:30 and it's almost too late to start a project. Anyone else get the Sunday blues?

Work has been so busy that I dread going in tomorrow - as I won't actually get a chance to do any work - I'm out of the office doing presentations tomorrow - all day. So to start out of the week - I'll be a day behind.

I was going to do so much today - clean the bedroom, the office, finish up my to do list for Scraploft - I was doing so good until late this afternoon. I just kinda fizzled out of gas - so Jack (the beagle) and I caught up on some afternoon television.

Having a DVR is great - love the convenience of it, but hate how easily to sucks up time. I realized two things tonight.
1.) I have over 15 episodes of Law and Order, 12 or so CSI Miami's, and over a dozen episodes of The Simpsons. AND 2.) I'll never catch up on my TV shows.

I watched from 4 in the afternoon until 9 or so. FIVE hours of TV. I'm ashamed. Wow - how easily I digress.

Okay - one other question - does anyone else sometimes feel like they have lost their scrapbook mojo? I'm in a slump. Anyone have any suggestions for how to get the mojo back?


BonnieRose said...

HI Sarah.. I can relate. I sometimes get outta my sb mojo and instead concentrate on other things, ie. writing, blogging, yes, tv watching.. I totally hear ya. Don't feel guilty. Just enjoy your days.. stop beating yourself up gf!!! hugs

beth j said...

take a break and allow yourself to just be. sometimes it helps me to look through magazines or go shopping. there are so many cool designs that inspire me at the malls. or get together with your friends and scrap.

Scraploft said...

Like beth said, get together and scrap with friends! I think it's hard to think about scrapping because we are so busy, Sarah. So, let's just do it. Oh, um, I'll admit I do watch TV still. It's ok.

:) Jenn