Monday, February 12, 2007

Banner Baby!

Our Banner is now up on Creating Keepsakes. It's at the top of the screen and it comes up randomly. Quite a coincidence I saw it at 3:30 this morning! Kind of awesome to see it finally live on the site. The daisy animation is super cute! Sarah did a spectacular job creating it, so I give her props right now. Go Sarah, go Sarah. You are such an awesome person and you know I love ya'! :)

I think my favorite word of late is awesome. Yes, totally 80s. Random share.

Seriously though, I am so excited to see if having our banner on CK will bring more traffic to Scraploft. We are going to try this way of advertising for a few months to see what happens. Hopefully good things!

**From Sarah: Check out the picture of our banner below


BonnieRose said...

great news you guys.. it looks great!!!!! BIG HUGS, love you guys!

beth j said...

this is so exciting for scraploft. i'm loving "awesome" right now, too! where's the 7g's stuff? come on...i need it! :)