Wednesday, January 02, 2008

GREAT in 2008!

I was asked by a friend on New Year's Eve, what was one good thing that happend to me in 2007. Nothing came to mind right away. My life is happy in general with my husband, my boys, my friends, etc. There isn't one specific "event" I could think of that made 2007 stand out to me. Sad, isn't it? How one year can pass me by and I can't remember one thing that made it memorable.

Now this morning, while folding towels at the washing machine and looking around at my basement that desperately needs a cleaning, I had this thought come to me. An idea. "Make it Great in 2008!" So my resolution this year is to make it great. Try my best to make my life better. Change in ways I want to change, but also be happy with what I have. Try harder at this business. Take more photos. Scrapbook more. Laugh more. Live more. Just do more great things. That's all.

Random thought for today. Maybe I will turn this thought into a mini book of some sort as the year goes on. Who knows!


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