Sunday, November 09, 2008

Wii mania has hit our house!

Matthew and Tyler have been saving money up for a Wii. It started with the first deposit into the "Wii cup" on Matthew's birthday. 6 teeth and extra money along the way later, we have a Wii! The boys were gone over at grandma's house and Joe set it up last night. Joe and I played a couple of games of bowling because we knew once the boys started playing it would be rare that we would get to play eachother! :) I can see how playing it can become addicting though.

The boys came home today and said, "what are the Wii controllers for?" Then they looked up and saw the console on the shelf. They both started to scream from excitement. They are upstairs playing baseball now. Wii mania is in the Weierke household...Look out!


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