Wednesday, January 10, 2007

1st Meeting of the Year...

So we just finished up the first meeting of the year. It was a good one. We have a bunch of things in the works.

We talked about finishing up our books for 06. Not a fun conversation - it's not like we don't like to talk about money, its that we hate doing the accounting part of the business. Lucky for us we have an accountant and if we've done everything right - she will take over the rest after we've entered everything.

The funniest part was talking about the product. We are "saving" for CHA at the end of Jan. So be on the lookout - because we want to get lot's of new stuff at the end of Jan.

So my question I pose to you... If you could buy any line - what would YOU buy? Both Jenn and I love Scenic, so we will probably get some of the new Scenic - but what else would you want to get?

Be sure to be on the lookout for new posts regarding new CHA stuff. We would love to get your opinion!


1 comment:

BonnieRose said...

looking forward to seeing you guys next week.. save me a spot remember? new products.. I wud love some of the new ki memories stuff fr Elsie Flannigan and Rusty all their stuff.. and Rain Dots from Cloud9!!!!