Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Gettin' down to the wire...

Hey all out there in bloggin' world! Thursday Sarah and I are heading to a 4 day scrapbooking getaway at Birchpark! I am super, duper excited to get there and do some scrapping. But, I am not looking forward to packing up my stuff to bring along. I have my SB stuff all over my basement right now.

My goal was to get all of it in one little area, go through it, and decide what I could bring and what I could leave home. Um, not so much. I spent two hours last night winding ribbon around ribbon cards. I could have gone longer (much longer, that's how much I have!), but I ran out of ribbon cards. So yet another trip to Joann's. My third one in just a few days. Oh, and I can't find some pictures that I got printed a couple weeks ago! So I almost had a mental breakdown last night looking at the disaster of a basement!

So can't wait to do some scrappin' this weekend. I will be working on finishing up an album for a special little someone in our family. :) I will try to finish my Bahama's trip album. It's officially been a year now, so I NEED to finish that up. I have a planner to finish up. And maybe try to fit some layouts of my little guys in there somewhere!

I will probably need a nap on Thursday because sleep will be low on the priority list the next few days! Have a great rest of the weekend and a fantabulous weekend!


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BonnieRose said...

I hear ya... I am gonna be packing up my stuff tomorr/wed.. I can't wait .. I am definitely not bringing as much as before. no way... at least that's what I am telling myself! we will see. can't wait to see you both! hugs