Monday, March 05, 2007

Bang, bang

As you can imagine, Jenny and I are masters of shipping. It is something that we do often and don't complain, because it means that business is doing well.

We have lots of shipping items, a scale, boxes in assorted sizes, bags, invoices, and finally THE TAPE GUN. Up until recently we have been fighting with an industrial tape gun. (see pic below)

This is one of the first business purchases that we made - it came with two rolls of additional tape. The sad thing.. uh.. we never really mastered the use of the tape gun. The tape always jammed and didn't want to come out. Then the tape would get all scrunched up and you would have to cut it with scissors. It just didn't work. Anyway - we tried and tried and when we finally ran out of tape (it has been refilled with the 2 refills and then husband had some tape that we used) Jenny (bless her heart) purchased us a normal packing tape dispenser by Scotch.

Seriously this thing is slick. It's easy to use, the tape never gets scrunched and is super fast.
I never claimed I was a genius, but this thing is a major break through in modern shipping. Love it.
You know how much I love it just by the fact that I'm blogging about it :-)
Thanks Jenn for the purchase.
Now you know how unglamorous a online store can be!!

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BonnieRose said...

hurrah for the new tape gun.. hey every little bit helps.. when starting off a new business.... way to go guys! How was your crop the other nite?