Monday, August 14, 2006

Destiny awaits us in 4 days...

Scraploft. It started out with just the name and now in 4 days it will become a reality to us. We are going to be real life business partners. What will August 18th be to us in the future? It will be remembered as the day that all of our planning, discussing, laughing, crying, mistake making, money spending, and decision making came together for the world to see! How exciting is this. We are sharing our passion for such a wonderful hobby with everyone who comes to visit our site. We are putting ourselves out there for everyone to see. Only four short months since this adventure began and now we are headed into a new part of our destiny. This is the test we have been awaiting. Yes, there will be stressful times. But what I am looking forward to most is the good times. The people we meet a long the way. I am so excited for this, girls! We are paving our path now. Let's continue to work hard and have tons of fun!

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