Sunday, August 20, 2006

Scraploft's Space

Scraploft now has a neat, organized, funtional (we think) office to call home. Saturday night we spent 6 hours putting up shelves, organizing our products, and rearranging the office. I would probably say that half of the battle was the darn bags we were using to hold the paper. They wouldn't fold down right and then the boxes looked messy. So we tried something different when we got to the cardstock. Speaking of, labeling 110 colors of bazzil cardstock was the highlight of my (jenn's) evening. But boy, did the colors look pretty once they were all sorted out!

It was a long process, but once all was said and done, it looked great! It looks like a business space now. Of course we had the camera out after everything was put in place. Us scrapbookers feel the need to document everything. Surprisingly, these are actually the first pictures we have taken along this business adventure. We should take more as we continue to move along on this Scraploft journey.

Anyway, scraploft now has a space of our own. There is even more new stuff on it's way to us, so the office space will look even better! The new product is all for our customers, so come back often to see what our new arrivals are!

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BonnieRose said...

Congrats you guys... I wish you all the best! Bring some stuf to RR... I may just buy some stuff frya!!!