Wednesday, August 30, 2006's busy!

After returning from a weekend of scrapbooking at Raspberry Ridge, I returned to a life of reality on Monday. Monday was the day to go see my oldest son's preschool. Matthew was wanting to go home the second we walked into the school. See, other than with family, he has not been away from me. He has never been in a day care, not even at the gym. He is scared to go to school. Understanably so. He will get used to it, this I know. It will take time, but he will. The question is, will I? For some reason I have been thinking about him going to school every since he was born. I love him to pieces and I can't imagine him out facing the big bad world by himself. Worried, yes. Selfish, maybe. It was hard for me to see him reacting the way he was when we went to see the school. "Mommy, I want to go home. Now. Can we go home and play? I don't want to go to school." These words brought tears to my eyes. But (those who know me know this already) the tears come easily when it comes to my boys.

So, the tour of the classroom didn't go well, but he does know how to open his locker and he wants "Matthew" left as the name on his mailbox. Not Matt. Time will tell how we both become with this school thing. I forgot my camera for this important milestone, but it will be plum full of pictures when he actually starts next week! :(

Tuesday was a beach day with our friends, Janel and her kiddos. May be the last one this year. Oh so sad that the cold weather is right around the corner! There is next summer to look forward too.

We had our first meeting for Scraploft after returning from the retreat. It went well. We made some decisions on roles and responsiblities. Now Sarah and I are going to focus on the marketing and advertising parts of the small business. Um, we all admit to not knowing a whole lot about this part. And this stuff is pretty crucial for our success, so we WILL be doing our homework. "Small Busines Marketing for Dummies" is my novel of choice this week. :)

Today I went to the great Minnesota get together-the State Fair. I went with my friend from high-school, Sarah. We had some good laughs and some good ole fair food. Actually LOTS of food. Like usual though. It was good to hang out with her, kid free. We don't do that much anymore. Lots of interesting people to see out there. One of my favorite things to do-people watch! Forgot the camera again. We are going again Friday, so I WILL remember it then.

New stuff is available on the Scraploft website now. Three Bugs in a Rug, Cosmo Cricket, MME, and Scenic Route to name some. We will continue to work hard to serve you, our customers! Have a great rest of the week. Slow down and cherish the moments of everyday in this world of the unexpected. Maybe life will seem a little less busy. Um, probably not! :)


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BonnieRose said...

We're planning on doing the fair on labor day... u are right... ppl watching is the fun part! I'll be praying for your son Jenny, no worries. He's growing up.... hugs to you this nite,