Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Late nights, my work time.

This is me, Jenny. It is now 12:41 am. The kids are in bed and my husband is snoring away. This is my time to get my stuff done for Scraploft. Yesterday (Tuesday) was a day for me and the kids. We went to swim and just hang out with grandma (my mom). It was nice. The boys were well behaved and listened quite well. They had a great time. I did too. It felt good to focus on time with them for an entire day. It's been awhile.

I just finished looking at our website. It is looking great! You wouldn't believe how many feelings are going through me as I look at the site on a daily basis. Excitement is the biggest, but also nervous. Nervous to see how things play out. Nervous to see how the world responds to Scraploft. It will be fine, I know. But it is in me to be a worrier. No one around me would expect anything different from me than a worry or two. That's just me. Anyway, back to the late night thing. Yes, the boys (Matthew-4 and Tyler-2 1/2) keep me busy and away from the computer during the day. We have yet to get another laptop so my computer time is usually after 10:30 pm, when they are in bed and I have watched the news. I am a late night person anyway so this hasn't been a huge deal. Not yet anyway. Too many nights of lacking in sleep can get to a person eventually though.

I brought my camera with to capture some pictures of Matthew in the pool at grandma's. Well he didn't go in the pool much because Tyler wouldn't go in there with him. So the only pictures I got for a scrapbook page are of the boys eating subs at the breakfast nook. Oh well. Their goofy faces in the pictures will be cute enough to make one page at least!

I'm excited about the new stuff we received today. I have been waiting for the Sassafraslass paper. I can't wait to see it. Niki will be a busy lady the next few days with the finishing touches on the site. Her hard work will pay off on Friday... just 2, count them, 2 days from now! The night is just getting later here, so that's all for now. Come back often...

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