Monday, October 16, 2006


Well - the lack of technology has caused me to scrap - and I'm loving it. Todd (my DH) built me a new computer. My old one was getting sick and by sick I mean only half working. So - I decided it was time to invest in the a new computer - so that's what I got. Todd was finishing up the computer in his office and I decided to seize the moment and scrapbook.

I've wanted to redo a page for a while - can't tell ya why - I just didn't like it. So I picked out my papers and started to create. What do you think?

The page was made from Crate paper cowboy paper. I think it turned out great. The page is my DH and nephew Tyler at the family cabin. The quote says "Families are the most beautiful things in the world" Thought it was fitting by how cute the two look.

Better run!

Have a good day!

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Bonnie Rose said...

congrats on the new computer....
and the layout, fantastic!