Sunday, November 12, 2006

weekend for inspiration

This weekend was full of inspiration for me. On Friday Sarah and I went to the MWSA convention in St. Paul, MN. We sported the scraploft t-shirts that Sarah made. Thank you to Bonnie for the pictures! So many scrapbook vendors out there. Some local, some from other states. The convention was smaller than the two previous years I was there. It's hard to say why. Probably cost. It is expensive to have a booth at a convention like that. If all picks up and goes well for us, maybe next year. Speaking of money, it wasn't hard for me to find things to spend money on. I found some great goodies at Rusty Pickle and some great paper at Mementos. Sarah did too... we both admitted that we continue to have paper addiction!

Saturday was the arts and craft fair at Cantebury Park. A day with Sarah, my mom, my sister, and my niece. So many more talented people out there. Lots of jewelry places. Pretty jewels-bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and watches. I found the watch lady that I love to buy from and bought another watch from her. It's kind of funky, but I love it. There was a embroidered and felt picture that I really wanted. Actually the quote is what I loved about it. "I will always be a wild flower." It fits me. I am not one to conform easily. I am my own person. That is me. I didn't end up buying the picture because of the price. But the quote has inspired me to do a "me" page. covered in flowers!
Today my sister hosted a stamping party. We made some cards and a tin. I got to emboss for the first time. Can you believe I have never embossed before? I was too scared. It was fun though. I'll have to try it on some pages of mine soon. It was good to see my grandma again too.
Inspiration is everywhere around you. Whether it me color, design, layout, etc. Take something and remake to be your own. That's what a lot of my scrapbooking is. I use layouts to inspire my work. Be inspired, have fun with your art!

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