Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Time to Party

Okay - so I went and saw Bonnie's beautiful scrap mecca last night. Oh my gosh, this room is beautiful! Seriously - this room isn't your run of the mill GREAT scrap room - it's a sanctuary for anyone who loves to be inspired.

Oh and the ambience of the whole house - it was warm and cozy and I had a great time laughing and crying (from laughing so hard) with the girls.

[Nicole - not sure why I didn't get a pic of you, but superimpose your pic right next to Bonnie]

Some of these girls I only see a few times a year. Note to self - hang out with these two more frequently - always good for a fun time.

And finally the loot!! Holy Cow!! I won the grand prize! Since I don't usually win jack - this was such a pleasant surprise. I ripped this basket open as soon as I got home - it was full of such great goodies. See pics below. (And this is just SOME of the stuff)


Bonnie Rose said...

sarah, so glad u guys could make it... loved having you ... and yes, ur right, we always have fun when we get together don't we?? We need to get together soon.. I'd love to... i'd love to spend more time with the 2 of you... just love u both! hugs,

mosaic queen said...

Hi Sarah!
Thank you for the kind compliment!!I am really loving this whole blogging's so fun meeting new people!!! So, just wanted to say...Nice to meet you Sarah!!!! :)