Friday, September 01, 2006

Some of my favorite things...

So I was putting orders together last night {which by the way is funner than you might think} and was pulling product and all the sudden I got this incredible urge to buy - so what did I do? I went shopping in the basement. Here are a couple of my favorites that I can't wait to use!

MME - You and ME

Just look at these two items. They are so beautiful! I am thinking about altering a mini album and putting picture of my husband and I in it. I think a 6 x 6 album would look the cutest! You could cut the paper in half and in half again and still get to use all the awesome scroll work on either side. Plus their is also a transparency flower with this set that I can't wait to use. Take a look at the whole collection - you'll absolutely love the coordinating mini flowers that go with this set.
Now if I could only find time to do it. :-) I hope everyone has a GREAT long holiday weekend. I wish you all great times with friends and family!

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