Friday, September 08, 2006


It's Friday! Yay! I think that Friday's are my favorite days. I love the anticipation for the weekend. Tonight I got home from work and "accidently" took an hour nap on the couch. It felt oh so good. Todd was kind enough to clean up the kitchen and go to the grocery store - and while he was gone I just konked out on the couch.

It has been a tough week. It was made so much better yesterday though... Our friend Bonnie sent us Scraploft gals a little care package. It consisted of these great MM monograms.
All three of us got our initial - so cute. But more than the actual gift - Bonnie personalized each one with a litte note and instructions on how to decorate them - it meant so much to me. Just the thought that someone was thinking about us - gave me warm fuzzies. It made my day. Thanks Bonnie - it means alot to me that you would go out of your way and do something like this!

Okay - back to the Scraploft stuff. Heidi Swapp is entered and is on the website. I think my fave item(s) are the chipboard letters. As you know (from previous posts) that I love chipboard. Come'on you can't tell me that these don't ROCK!
We have them in Red, Brown, Black, White, Pink and Blue.

I'll be working on getting more images posted on the Gallery so check back often.

Have a great weekend!

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BonnieRose said...

sooo happy you recvd all... glad you like it all! Hugs... great new products, can't wait to check your site! woohoo...!!!!