Thursday, September 28, 2006

The one picture I needed...

Matthew was suppose to bring a picture of him into school. The picture had to be between age 6 months and a year. The letter came home two weeks ago. I looked initially that night and didn't find too many between that age. Like two or three of them. I kept putting it off and decided to wait until the last second. Well, the picture was to be in today. Last night, I looked on the computer for a digital one and there were none to be found! What was I going to do? For a scrapbooker (1) and for a mom (2) of a first born (3), you would think I had tons of pictures of him.

Oh, wait the scrapbooker in me is the reason I didn't have any. See I first started scrapbooking 3 months after Matthew was born. I scrapbooked his ENTIRE first year. Like all of it. The day he was born, the first day home, first foods, sitting up, crying, laughing, talking, walking, etc. You name something he did in his first year, it's in his scrapbook. I remember doing this awful ugly page where I attempted to have pictures of Matthew with all of his grandparents AND great grandparents on ONE layout! Oh my gosh, it looks like a collage... anyway I was obsessed! I even took whatever was leftover from the year, and didn't fit into an "event" category, and put them all onto a layout and called it "Cute as a button".

Yes I am a freak! I felt the need to scrapbook every single picture I ever took of him that first year. This is EXACTLY why I could not find a picture of him for that specific age. They were all hermafixed down in an album. :)

My scrapbooking style has definitely changed over the 4 years I have been doing this wonderful hobby! I feel that I have developed into a more emotional scrapbooker. More of the everyday antics of my boys that touch me. I have a difficult time with event stuff now. I take too many darn pictures! One picture layouts are my favorite.

How has your scrapbooking style changed over the time you have been doing it? Tell us about it. Share with us any goals or aspirations you have for your scrapbooking. One of my goals is to try to do more mini albums and do more altering projects. We'll see. Share your stories...

Oh, I did find a picture of Matthew in a box which I went to in desperation. It actually is a favorite of mine of him. It made me smile when I found it. Kind of sad in a way too. He has grown up so fast...I actually remember taking that picture. I guess I didn't scrapbook that one. Darnit...I'll have to go back and fit it in some where! :)


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Bonnie Rose said...

My sbing style has definitely changed... I first started out with white backgrounds in CM Albums... no patt papers at all. yikes!
now I am all into one photo layouts, lots of color, and tons of flowers.. hehe
I love vibrant fun layouts now!
I scrap so differently now.
I scrap what I usually feel.. good or bad. I have so many ideas in my head for future projects layouts, I'll be busy scrapping till I die!