Saturday, September 16, 2006

I did it...

Ok. So I was a little hesitant about doing my first order "fullfillment" on my own. But it went fine. I went to the Scraploft office after work which ended up being like 1:00 am on Friday morning. I printed off the detailed directions that Sarah wrote up for order processing. The fun part was pulling the product that was ordered. I got to revisit the pretty patterned paper we have! Who would have ever thought I would love paper so much!

Anyway...the product was pulled and then it came time to do the shipping portion. After finding the correct box for the items, the label was printed. Then came the money part. I walked through each step carefully because I didn't want to mess something up. I was successful, so I think, at the credit card stuff. After all was said and done, I left the office at 2:23 am. Wow, what a process. It will come easier with repetition I am sure.... oh I managed to make the tape dispenser dysfunctional too. Or maybe I was the dysfunctional one because all it needed was the tape pulled through. I didn't even know how to do THAT. I remembered to grab the package on my way out of the office this time too. Quite impressive for so early in the morning...or late at night in my case! I enjoyed the experience, so keep em' coming!


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