Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Shoes... and Patterned Paper

So I know that I am super behind, but it's all for me - so it's all good, right? Here's another card - titled shoes... The journaling got cut off a bit, but it's mostly there.
I'm obsessed. I have a problem. I keep buying pattern paper. I probably have enough patterned paper to last me a lifetime. I could literally scrapbook for the rest of my life with what I have for patterned paper. I realized just how bad my habit has become. This is my patterned paper stash... and my patterned paper that has yet to find a home. See the problem?

Current stash:

To be sorted:

It's sick isn't it?



Scraploft said...

I love your card!
The obsession is a sickness...I know this all to well.


BonnieRose said...

love your shoes card... adorable..and about that issue about patterned paper, well ummmm, come to my house! lol see u guys later!

beth j said...

so glad you got another card done! holy paper batman!